JSC “Skulte LNG Terminal” develops a low-cost LNG import terminal solution at Skulte Port area, 40 km North of Riga, at closest proximity to Inčukalns UGS

Project description: Floating Regasification Unit (FRU) without LNG cold storage facility, connected with pipeline to Inčukalns UGS



Terminal Design


Project Advantages

Skulte LNG Terminal project has unique geographic, economic and technological advantages over any other LNG import terminal proposal of comparable capacity. An expensive LNG cold storage facility is not needed (usually takes 70-80% of LNG import terminal building cost), and the direct pipeline connection to the Inčukalns UGS of 2.3 bcm capacity will be used instead.


The existing Baltic gas transmission & supply system with the Inčukalns UGS as a central element will be utilized – no need to spend extra investment on increasing cross-border interconnection capacities. Unparalleled flexibility is provided by Inčukalns UGS: LNG can be acquired extensively in favorable market conditions on spot market basis, and stored in the UGS for winter consumption, while the terminal can reduce operation in high price periods (wintertime).


Total project investment is at least 3 times lower than any other LNG terminal solution of comparable capacity with LNG cold storage facility. Significantly lower operating costs – no need to finance the LNG cold storage maintenance.

Terminal Description

Capacity: up to 3 MTPA
Regas capacity: 600 MMSCFD
Gas storage: Existing Underground Storage
Supply LNG carrier size: 40 000 m3 to 170 000 m3
Offloading philosophy: Batch Process
Carrier offload time: 4 to 6 days (depending on carrier size)


Aerial hoses to tower ~15m from FRU
Tower supports pipeline to subsea pipeline connection
Length of subsea pipeline 5 km for avoidance of populated areas
Onshore entry will be laid underground using horizontal drilling


Onshore pipeline length - 34 km
Underground pipeline
Tie between FRU subsea pipeline and underground storage
Pipeline route designed to avoid populated and unsuitable areas

Terminal and Pipeline Location



The Skulte LNG Terminal project has been designed in line with Latvian and European environmental regulations. The facilities and infrastructure are projected in a manner to avoid any significant impact on local environment. The process of Environmental Impact Assesment is underway since December 2018.

The Company

The Special Purpose Vehicle, Joint-stock company "Skulte LNG Terminal" has been established in 2016.


Supervisory Board:

Arnfinn Unum

Peter A. Ragauss

Laura Miķelsone


Management Board:

Uldis Salmiņš


Chief Executive Officer:

Renārs Miķelsons



Arnfinn Unum

Peter A. Ragauss


Project Originator:

NGO "National Gas Terminal Society"


JSC Skulte LNG Terminal

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